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C O L O U R bbbC H A R T S

About our colour charts : Colourway families: Random colourways Semi solid mohair colours Semi-solid other colourways: Colourway collages: Gradient Dyed


Our Colourway Collages provide an impressionist view of some of our popular colourways. These are located on Pinterest.

A few are shown here to demonstrate the complexity and inspiration behind our unique colourways. Most recent and newer colourways are showcased first on our Facebook Page or in our ETSY shop . Unless colours used are described as one off, our colourways can generally be replicated (but not exactly - these are hand dyes remember!)

Africa 96
Scrumptious 341A
Japonica Blossom




Colourways : Random mixed hues through the colour spectrum:
Spun Gold No 29
Honey Blonde No 52
Outback No 21
Coral Reef No 31
Rio No 4
Exotic No 9
Aussie Sunset No 23
Shimmer No 25
Damask Rose No 39
Wild Thing No 35
Gala No 64
Dazzle No 59
May Pole No 116
Fiesta 2 No 143
Yum No 114
Pink Marble No 5
Rosebud No 36
Lady Like No 73
Pinot No 94
Pink Fusion No 65
Pink Marble No 5
Red Rock No 22
Drama No 106
Blueberry No 1
Sporty No 51
Stormy Seas No 58
Electric Blue No 26
Blue Dream No 57
Purple Fusion No 68
Turkish Delight No 47
Cottage Garden No 10
Ethereal No 53
Bird of Paradise No 8
Blue Satin No 55
Rock Pool No 28
Jade No 2
Rock Pool No 28
Parakeet No 38
Regal No 71
Jewel No 71B
Seagreen No 58 B
Gemstone No 24
Irish No 54
Zen No 77
Peacock No 48
Shady No 45
Fabio No 162
Nature No 30
Tree Hug No 76 S
Rain Forest No 61
Eco No 95
Gold 'n Myrrh No 163
Elegance No 78
Palamino No 34
Lemon Myrtle No 43
Artful No 161
Sophisticat No 3
Autumn No 37
Walnut No 42
Marakesh No 40
Rich Earth No 44
Firebird No 62
Blood Orange No 72
Colourways: random contrasting & tertiary blends
Celebration No 80
Rainbow No 155
Redwood No 46
Landscape No 27
Lush No 75
Tabrizi No 70
Masquerade No 6
Spicey No 56
Splendour No 7
Strata No 136
Colourways by colour groups: Semi-solids (S)
Salmon Blush No 32 S
Damson No 41 S
Exotic No 19 S
Splendour No 17 S
Rio No 14 S
Blueberry No 11 S
Lavender Soft No 13 S
Cobalt No 18 S
Cottage Garden No 20 S
Jade No 12 S
Wistful No 66A- S
Moss No 16 S
Shady No 45 S
Red Rock No 22 S
Tomato No 132 S
Brown Coal No 74 S
Sophisticat No 13 S
Winter in Fitzroy No 82 S
Charcoal No 81 S
Pink Pearl No 15 S


About: Our colour charts above have been created using a mixture of Lara Downs yarns, hand dyed in our most popular colourways. These colourways are applicable to all Lara Downs hand dyed yarns, fibres & fabrics eg tops, lap, curls, lengths of silk etc. When selecting your preferred colourway to order, please note that the appearance and depth of colour may vary a little from those shown below, depending on your choice of yarn/fibre eg pure wool will give deeper shades than mohair or silk using the same dye bath. For example - see Pink Marble No 5 above left - the top swatch is in cashmere (soft hues), the 2nd swatch below it is wool (stronger hues). Also see Rock Pool No 28 top swatch is in wool (gives deep shades with matt finish), the 2nd swatch just below it is silk (shiny and lighter in hue). Other swatches have both silk and wool or silk and mohair to give both shiny and matt finishes in the same swatch. Other swatches combine boucle and smooth yarns. You can copy these effects by ordering several different yarns and knitting (or weaving or crocheting) them together or sequentially. Actual samples of the Lara Downs colourways in our different yarns, can be ordered (see Miscellaneous section at the end of our complete Price list).

Another point to note: hues numbered 11 S to 20 S are the semi-solid versions of random mixed hues numbered 1-10, some sharing the same name. For this reason, you need to nominate the hue/shade name as well as its number when ordering. There are other semi-solid shades outside this numerical range and these also carry "S" after their number. Several hues carry A or B as a suffix, which indicates small variations on a theme.

All of these colourways are unique to Lara Downs and are copyright©.



Mohair yarn colours: The semi solid colours shown in the three charts below, are all displayed in fine mohair yarn, given our specialisation in this type of yarn. Mohair absorbs deep bright colours but also looks wonderful in pastels. Identify your preferred colours by the grid letters and numbers provided eg A-2-4 stands for Table A, Row2, Column 4.






  Columns 1-9>







  Columns 1-9>







  Columns 1-9>






harmonious groupings of individual colourways, added here to assist in your colour choices.

Some may be repeated in different families. Named from Left to Right.


The Blueberry Family: Blueberry 11S, Stormy Seas 58, Rockpool 28 & Purple Fusion 68


The Rainbow Family: Dream 57, Rainbow 155, Extremity 157 & New Blood Orange 234


The Gemstone Family: Gemstone 24, Fabio 162, Parisien 310, Rainforest 61


The Gala Family: Gala 64, Eco 95, Shimmer 25 & Jade 2


The Riviera Family: Itali 160, Dream 57, Irises 238 & Regal 71


The Yum Family: Yum 114, Purple Rain129 & Aussie Sunset 23 & Zap 90,


The Bird Family: Tree Hug 76, Jewel 71B, Bird of Paradise 8 & Parakeet 38


The Pink Family: Pats Pink 50, Pink Marble 5, Exotic 19S, Rosebud 36


The Jewel family contains Blue Satin 55, Jade12S, Jewel 71B & Tree Hug 76S


The Lush family contains Eco 95, Lush 75, Wistful 66S & Damson 41S


The Forest family contains Brown coal 74S, Nature 30, Sherbrooke 89S (a deep green) & Siena 139


The Artful family contains Dazzle 59, Damson 41S, Artful 161 & Blueberry 11S


The Africa family contains Charcoal 81S, Africa 96, Terracotta 103S & Sophisticat 13S (deep brown)


The Fire Family contains Firebird 62, Tomato 132S, Rich Earth 44 & Red Rock 22S


The Sunset" family contains Aussie Sunset 23, Rust 258S, Lavender 49S & Extremity 157.


The Rockpool family contains Rockpool 28, Electric Blue 26, Seagreen 58B & Cobalt 18S


The Outback family contains Outback 21, Royal Blue 60S, Drama 106 & Irises 238


The Eco family contains Eco 95, Gold'nMyrrh 163, Moss 16S & Shady 45S


The Earthy family contains Strata 136, Palamino 34, Truffle 244 & Gold 29S


The Shimmer family contains Shimmer 25, Purple Fusion 68, Wild Thing 35 & Yum 114


The Blues family contains Winter in Fitzroy 82, Ethereal 53, Cottage Garden 10 & Indigo 86S



Gradient Dyed Yarn - mostly available in our sock yarn. See our yarn page for some examples used in knitwear & kits. Mini hanks offered from time to time in our ETSY shop. .

Gradient Pink/blue

Gradient Turquoise/green


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