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fibres to felt and spin - hand dyed (or go to natural coloured & Undyed fibres )



>>>Fibres for Felting & Spinning.


>>>>>> Super Fine Merino Wool top - hand dyed colourway samples: (select from these images or from our colourchart).
Bluesy No 535
Terrain No
Soul No 439A
Aerial No 444
Masquerade No.6
Red Gems No 464
Wow No 331
Pink Marble No 500
Sophisticat - No 3
Parakeet No 38
Purple Fusion No 68.
Wild Thing No 35
Blueberry No 1.
Damask Rose No 39.
Brown Coal No 37.
Red Rock No 22.
Rich Earth No.44
Pilbara No.415
Terravillea No 435
Rain forest No 61
Blood Orange No.72
Sargo 448
No 536
Cheer No. 69



>>>>>> Silk Top - Mulberry silk is available hand dyed in any of our colourways - - see our colour chart . Some are shown below.
Silk top is sold in 2 sizes: 15 gm medium packs and 30 gm large packs. For quantities over this size , please enquire.


Wow No 331 Rio No 4. Bird of Paradise No 8. Sophisticat No 3. Soul No 439A
Seagrass Rich Earth No 44 Nature No 30. Masquerade No 6. Pink Marble No 500




>>>Cashmere Down Top (limited supplies only)

Cashmere is a true luxury fibre at13 microns. A little goes a long way blended with merino or other fibres for spinning or felting.

Order hand dyed (or natural white) in any LD colourway from as little as 25 gms.




>>>>>>'DREAM' Fine Merino Wool and Silk Lap (carded & combed fibre) - great for felting or spinning



Merino Wool and Silk (50/50) Lap .

Lap is supplied in a long roll approx 2.5 mts long and available in full width or half width. Perfect for quick & easy cobweb felt, but also for general felting purposes and spinning. Super soft and with wonderful lustre. The fibres hold together during dyeing, and are easily drawn, separated or spread either wet or dry, depending on use.

125 gram full roll $35.00 (Suits full wrap)

Half roll (lengthwise) $18.00 (enough to make one Cobweb or Nuno felt scarf with Nuno requiring additional silk fabric).

Order in any Lara Downs colourway shown here or select from our colourchart or elsewhere on the website.





** Important note when ordering Lap. The Lara Downs Lap can be ordered as a random dyed mix with a specific colourway name eg Africa & Wild Thing OR you may request these same colourways, but presented in their separate (contributing) colours as semi-solid shades dyed along the length of the lap. This will enable fibre artists to use the colours as they wish in their art work rather than being bound by the random colour effect. This is referred to as the semi solid method of dyeing eg a semi-solid version of the" Africa" lap will be a continuous and repeating sequence of brown, black and copper with some merging of colours at the margins where the colours meet. See below for more images to display this effect. You may also order a single solid colour which is a blend of all the contributing colours in any colourway. Many will form a shade of brown when mixed together, but others will form interesting hues such as Tree Hug a solid green, but being made up of yellows and blues. This definition of "semi-solid" applies only to laps where the semi-solid method of dyeing provides an extra dimension to the product. Semi-solid yarns are not dyed this way unless specifically mentioned.



Moss Masquerade Wow Emerald Isle Cottage Garden
Fiesta Two No 143 (random)
Strata No 136 (random)
Brocade No 164 (random)
Yum No 114 (random)
Florence (random)
Kangaroo Paw No 66 (semi-solid)
Kangaroo Paw No 66 (random)
Africa No 96 (semi-solid)
Africa No 96 (random)
Rich Earth No 44 (random)
Soul No.
Drama No 106 (random)
Seagreen No
Melbourne No 221 (semi-solid)
Sophisticat No 3 (semi-solid)



>>>>>Mohair Pearls: We describe our curly mohair as pearls because of their similar luxury image to that of the real pearl as well as for their pearl-like colour and lustre. Our mohair pearls are offered for sale in their raw natural state and also in many hand dyed hues. Please order pearls by shade name & number main colour chart .

Semi-Solid shades (SS), Random Mixes ie dyed as a single batch with multiple colours (RM) .

Lush 75 RM
Seagrass 326 RM
Purple Fusion 68 RM
Extremity 157 RM
Gold SS
Blueberry 11 SS
Aussie Sunset 23 RM
Jewel 71B RM
Ethereal 53 RM
Firebird 62 RM
Drama 106 RM
Wild Thing 35 RM





>>>Tissue silk fabric lengths for Nuno felting (or just to hem and wear)
Silk tissue in Awesome 406V2
Silk tissue in Pacific 466
Silk tissue in Persimmon 465
Silk tissue in Jade No 2
Silk tissue in Golden Glow 467
Silk tissue in Sunrise 468
Silk tissue in Purple Fusion 68
Silk tissue in Terrain - intense 400A
Images in selected colourways only. Choose from those shown or select from our entire range - see our colour charts or select a colourway from elsewhere on this site.
Silk Tissue in Blueberry 11
Silk Tissue in Rio 14
Silk Tissue in Moss 16

Silk fabric hand dyed to order in any Lara Downs' colourway or natural (10% discount)

Standard Wrap length 2.25 mts x 114 cm (Tissue width 112 cm)

Standard Scarf length 2.25 mts x 57 cm (Tissue =56cm)

Fabric can also be ordered by the metre or half metre. All prices are listed in our Price list/order form


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>>> Silk Hankies for spinning , felting & embellishment.

Glorious colour in wisps of fibre - stretch out, cut, spin, lay over other fibres and stitch, felt etc. You can do anything with these hankies - except use them for a cold !!

Order by Lara Downs colourway or as a random mix. Available in 10 gms or multiples. A few examples below.


Sombre No 447
Provence 172
Damask Rose 39
Purple Fusion 68
Africa No 96
Yum 114
Spectrum 412
Terrain 400
Seagrass No 326
Wow No 331
Whipstick No 421
Sass No 332
Soul No 439A
Aussie Sunset
Zen No 77
Parakeet 38 (click for larger image)
Rich Earth 44
Rubies 463
Impressionist 105




>>> Embellishing Fibres & Threads for felting, spinning and/or embellishing.


Lux Fibre Sampler Packs - 25 gms of fibre (or 75 gms or 125 gms). Order by generic colours or by LD colourway.


Embellishing Bits - silk, wool and mixed natural fibre threads hand dyed for embellishing/felting etc .

My hand dyed felting thread collection is vast and is sourced from around the world.

The collection has wonderful colour, texture and variety of fibres including wool, silk, mohair, camel etc,

all of which will felt well and enhance your embellishing.

Either order in a specific colourway as shown below or purchase mixed lots as they appear in my ETSY store.

Colourway: Mardigras
Colourway: Purple Fusion
Colourway: Purple
Colourway: Masquerade
Colourway: Blood orange Colourway: Vibe 527
Colourway: Stormy Seas Colourway: Lush Colourway: Parakeet



Rolags are simply carded fibres rolled into a cigar shape. They are most commonly used in spinning, but felting is also an art form where they come into their own.

Rolags are easy to make as long as you have some simple equipment such as hand carders, some knitting needles and fibre. Alternatively order some already blended and rolled in your personal colour selection.

Available in our ETSY shop from time to time or place a Custom order there.



Siren's Selections

mixed selections of home grown, hand dyed and commercial fibres including wool, silk, mohair, alpaca, bunny etc for your spinning or felting pleasure.

Colour blends are random.

Packed in 75 gram lots or larger on request.

Available in our ETSY shop or place a custom order there.



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