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Lara Downs Knit Kits and Yarn Kits based on Ravelry patterns
Kallara Colour Affection Torquata Lamina Inara
Many of our more recent knits can be viewed on Ravelry under mohairgirl's projects. Kits are also available in our ETSY shop from time to time.




Vibe colourway (above) and Lavender at left)

Sophisticat colourway

Little lacy scarf (or wrap) - an easy one row pattern suitable for any of LD's fine mohair yarns. Images shown in KISSS super kid/silk. Select your colour from our mohair semi solid colour range or from the other options shown..

25 gms is enough for a scarf. Order 50 gms for a larger wrap.

L to R: Yum, Jewel 2, Parisien, Truffle, Silver mist or select from our various colour charts





>>>> Sea of Shells.

" Angoraglow" fine kid mohair

4 ply

Sea of Shells

design by Rose Beck

This pattern can be purchased from Ravelry.com as a pdf file.

Modifications to the pattern to suit Angoraglow yarn are detailed on Ravelry under Mohairgirl's projects.

Yarn only Kits available as custom orders





Sorry - out of stock








    >>>>The Peacock Scarf Kit    
  Copyright Lara Downs

Peacock Scarf

I have re-worked our Peacock Scarf pattern, to suit our KiSSS yarn and in particular, our KiSSS gradient Trios.

This pattern is now available for purchase as a pdf downloadable file in our ETSY shop


KiSSS Trios are also for sale from time to time, in our ETSY store.


Originally designed with our now discontinued Starry Night in mind, this pattern is equally suitable for KiSSS and SilKiMo.






>>>> Float Away Wrap Kit in Kool Kid brushed ©Lara Downs.

Float Away Wrap/Scarf

This is an easy quick Knit in our glamorous 1 ply mohair yarn. Instead of using awkward large needles we have used a looping stitch to create an open lacy look.

Uses 25 gms of Kool Kid (or Float or SilKiMo or Moonlight) for the version show here in "Fabio" colourway

or 50 gms for an extra large wrap.

Kit price = yarn price plus $2 (order direct) or this pattern can be purchased separately as a pdf downloadable file from our ETSY shop


Select any colourway from our colour charts or from the options shown below

L to R: Strata, Coral reef, Gemstone, Blue satin, Fabio





>>> MOHAIR "FUR" Shoulder Drape


This sensational design by Megan Cleland provides us girls yearning for luxury and sumptuous fur like qualities, with a guilt free option.

Featuring mohair curls which have been shorn from Angora goats in the usual pain free manner, leaving them with their skin in tact, free to roam and grow another coat.The curls are then knitted into a fabric using a pure wool yarn.

Wonderfully warm , all natural AND guilt free !

Special thanks to our lovely model Liz.



Available in natural pearly white or

hand dyed to order.

Consider either natural hair/fur shades or

a shade to match your favoured outfit.



Available for sale on ETSY or place a custom order your chosen colourway.






Lace wrap in

Kool Kid mohair

boucle style.

Kits available or

dyed to order. Select from our colour charts.

Pattern also suitable for

SilKiMo or our other laceweight mohair yarns.







Torquata and Lamina

by Ambah O'Brien

Gradient and Multi coloured Yarn kits in LD super fine sock yarn have been specifically hand dyed at Lara Downs for these two patterns, which use the same sized kits. Patterns can be supplied with the yarn or downloaded from Ravelry . Kits provide 300 grams of yarn in 7 harmonising colours..

Kit 1 Lavender Green Black (featured at right in Torquata pattern)

Kit 2 Coral Oyster Black

Kit 3 Stained Glass Window


Kit 4 Rainbow
Lamina - image courtesy Ravelry & Ambah O'Brien Torquata - image courtesy Ravelry & Ambah O'Brien




Kallara by Ambah O'Brien

in Lara Downs Softy Merino/Cashmere 4 ply.

Select co-ordinating colours, one variegated and one semi solid for best effect. Yarn kits can be hand dyed to order. Pattern can be supplied or downloaded from Ravelry. LD variations to the original pattern will be supplied with the yarn.

Model features our Indigo / Pinot combo in Softy. Other possible colour combinations below.


Indigo & Pinot

Tomato & Firebird

Terracotta & Drama

Eco & Gold 'n Myrrh

Electric blue & Seagreen

Pat's pink & Stormy seas



Colour Affection by Veera Valimaki

Uses 3 x 100 grams of Softy Merino/Cashmere 4 ply in selected colours

with optional decorative threads .

This version used 100 grams in each of Redwine, Winter in Fitzroy (light grey) and Charcoal plus embellishing threads. Kit available in my ETSY shop. ( Embellishing threads are an optional extra).
Other possible colour combinations: Yarn Kits can be custom ordered . The pattern can be purchased from Ravelry

Charcoal, Winter in Fitzroy, Indigo

Sherbrooke, Shady, Tree hug

Charcoal, Winter in Fitzroy, Tomato

Brown coal, Terracotta, Rust

Blueberry SS, Kelp, Peacock

or design your own colour mix using our many colour charts.


© Lara Downs 2003 All Rights Reserved. Website's original design by GeB Productions
Laceweight scarf Click for a larger image