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>>> Adele's of South Africa

Novelty handcrafted Mohair yarns - Magic (art yarn) Balls

Working women - creating Adele's yarns

Adele's staff enjoying work outdoor

About Adele's yarn. Adele, an enterprising South African woman is helping to empower local, often disadvantaged women through an innovative handcraft business, producing unique designer yarns and garments. Adele and her 25 employees specialise in using locally available mohair and merino, combined with man made fibres to create some stunning effects.

You can now share in this worthwhile enterprise and benefit from these talented women by purchasing some of their wonderful products. We stock her Beaded Mohair and newly arrived Magic Balls of mixed mohair/wool/ribbon yarn tied end to end for endless variation in colour & texture. 50 gms and $16.00 each. (see some items knitted using the Magic balls on our Facebook page April 2014).


Below are a selection of Magic balls

& Beaded Mohair




Magic Ball in Purple Haze Magic Ball in Hot Sundae Magic Ball in Silver Lining
Magic Ball in Winter Woodland
Magic Ball in Zest Magic Ball in Herbs
Magic Ball in Tuscan Terracotta
Magic Ball in Peacock (sold out) Magic Ball in Antique


Visit our ETSY shop

to purchase these gorgeous

yarn bundles

Magic Ball in Strelizia
Magic Ball in shades of green  

Some images containing people courtesy South Seas website





>>>Avril Yarns from Kyoto Japan, is another innovative company creating many unique yarns using all kinds of materials and a vast array of techniques. Lara Downs' selection from Avril has been made primarily with Felter's in mind, although the yarns can also be used for knitting. Both yarns shown here felt beautifully as they are either pure wool or wool blend fibres and have not been treated chemically to prevent felting.






Merino (100%) Wool (Pencil) Roving


Woolley Wonder -

Shade numbers down the column WW1-WW5

Wool Roving now available in natural undyed OR dyed to order in any LD colourway.

Many hand dyed colours now in our ETSY shop

Great for felting embellishment and design work.
100% wool
100% wool


use these yarns as you would a paint brush or pencil and use it to scribble patterns which can then be felted on it's own (yielding a lacy pattern) or on a wool batt/lap etc to create a solid felted fabric. See image at right

Woolley Wonder is a thick & thin yarn, & great for felting or knitting.

95% wool, 5 % nylon.

Above is a felting work in progress. Judy has used Avril Woolley Wonder as an embellishment for her Nuno felted Wrap. The wrap is a sandwich of Silk tissue, Merino/Silk Lap and Woolley Wonder on top.

The finished effect was fabulous.




>>> Mohair/Wool Blends & Merino/Possum Yarns by

Touch Yarns from New Zealand

Lara Downs has selected yarns from the Touch Yarn company (NZ) to distribute within Australia, based on our experience with this attractive and well designed yarn. We mainly distribute their beautiful 12 ply kid mohair/merino blend but also offer small quantities of other yarn/fibre mixes including a 2 ply merino/mohair & their chunky Mt Pisa range. Touch yarns have a lovely soft handle and attractive colour range. Choose from either solid or random ranges in traditional brushed finish or the popular boucle style. See the Touch web site to select style and colour of yarn. Mainly supplied in 100 gm hanks, with some of the chunky styles in 200 gm hanks. Their possum/merino yarn is also available in a limited colour range of red, black, charcoal and natural tawny grey.

Left: Mohair/Merino boucle, above: Possum/Merino & Left: Mt Pisa




For more details about any of our imported products, including prices, email us at mohairproducts@lara-downs.com.au or refer to our price list .
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