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Cashmere_natural whiteCashmere
KiSSS mohair/silk
SilKiMo mohair/silk
Kool Kid mohair
Mixed Yarn Lollies
Silk yarns
Sock yarn


Page currently being updated. Please return soon.



KISSS - Kid mohair Super fine, Super soft & with Mulberry Silk

Our top of the range, luxury yarn is sleek, sensuous and just the softest yarn you will come across. A combination of 70% Super fine kid mohair and 30% mulberry Silk, it is a true luxury yarn. As a laceweight yarn it offers a generous 1,000 mts/100 gms OR 250 mts/25 grams (hank size).

Yardage (meterage) is comparable with well known brands such as Rowen's Kid Silk Haze at 210 mts or Alchemy's Haiku at 297 mts, but much better in terms of price. Available to order in any Lara Downs colourway. Below left & middle KISSS in 'Burnish' No 325. Right: cowl knit in KiSSS Lady in Red colourway.

KiSSS may be ordered in any of the colourways shown here or select from our extensive range shown in our Colour charts

Beverly from Tasmania wrote to say"congratulations on such a superb yarn. I have tried all the other top end silk/mohair and your yarn is the best of the best. The length is such a bonus, as I struggle to complete (an article) with just 2 balls of (similar yarns) but adding a 3rd ball makes the price too high".

Thanks Bev for your kind and helpful feedback.

Cowl in KiSSS (click to enlarge)


Bird colours specific to KISSS


Bird colours specific to KISSS

Red Rump Parrot (RRP)

Bird colours specific to KISSS

Vibe No 527
Copper Beech No 526
Fabio No 162
Mardigras No 496A


KiSSS in semi solid crimson/pink A-1-7 in flower stitch. (Ref Mohair colour charts)



>>>> 'SilKiMo (Silk and Kid Mohair) & SilKiMoment (Silk, Kid Mohair & Metallic thread)

A personal note: I'd like to dedicate this lovely new yarn to my beloved dog Natasha, an "Eskimo" dog of the Samoyed breed. She was part of the inspiration as well as being an expression of my love of all things white and fluffy in my life.

The name SilKiMo rhymes with Eskimo and conjures up images of the fluffy wild & white wilderness where Eskimos used to roam in Northern climes and where I used to frolic with Natasha during the snowy season (in the high country of Victoria).

SilK iM o is a big sister to KiSSS our super fine luxury mohair /silk yarn. The mohair contained in SilKiMo is Kid mohair rather than Super Fine Kid , but is still luxuriously soft to handle and wear. SilKiMo's content is 73% Kid Mohair , 27% Mulberry Silk. This yarn offers a generous 840 mts/100 gms OR 420 mts/50 grams.

SilKiMo's content and yardage is quite similar to Kid Seta yarn by Scarcel (among other commercial yarns) and may be substituted in those patterns. Below: Fly Away Wrap/scarf in SKM.

SilK iM oMent is our SilKiMo stranded with metallic thread (choose from Gold, Silver, Platinum ( image above) or Black .

SKMMent metallic colour options.
SKM in Buttermilk + gold
SilKiMo in Rainforest colourway with SKMM gold metallic section on left side. (Horai wrap pattern source Ravelry)
Blue SKM with silver above & Burnish SKM with gold. Above left SKM in Birds of a Feather with gold.


As with our other yarns, SilKiMo may be ordered in any LD colourway including natural white. Many are shown below

Africa 96
River Bed 598
Emerald Isle 502
Golden Pond 142
Jewel 71B
Vista 511
Devil Woman 350
Halo 584
Pomegranate 353D
Tree Frog 505
Outback 21
Mushroom 285A
Venetia 589 (click on this image for a close up)

SilKiMo is brushed and has a distinct halo and super sheen from the silk. bbbbbbbbbbband there's even more colours.............

Siena 139 Autumn 37 Cottage garden 10 Mink 519 Vibe 527 Tree Frog 505 Night Life 524 Vibe 527
Blush 561
Melbourne 221
Sizzle 525B
Copper Beech 526
Real Red 220
Turkish Delight 47
Venetia 589
Golden Pond 142
Lush 75
Swing 619
Africa 96
Pebbles 592
Emerald Isle 502

A stand out colourway for those loving bright colour is my "Quetzal", named for a small bird of the Sth Americas. Click on the image to see it's true beauty.


Angoraglow Knitting yarn - pure luxury : smooth


soft handling

Our own unique kid mohair yarn sold out in 2016 but we are delighted to announce an equally lovely replacement to be known as Lustre Lace


and 100% kid mohair.

This new yarn is spun from best quality Australian Kid mohair fleeces, selected with great care after matching for micron and is supplied exclusively by Lara Downs but is sourced from other mohair farms. It is a delight to work with and the finished effect is lustrous and has a silky feel. In knitted form, the fabric has a light halo effect (much like our Angoraglow) and has been skillfully designed to resist shedding .

more images coming soon

All new

Lustre Lace


Supplied only as: 50 gm hanks

Yarn thickness gauge:



2 ply = approx 200 metres per 50 gms.




Some old favourites and some new colourways are shown below in Angoraglow. Lustre Lace samples will be dyed up and added here progressively. See my first introductory offer and colours of Lustre Lace in my ETSY shop

Brown Coal semi solid
Sophisticat random
Candy Pink semi solid
Wowee random
Copper semi solid
Autumn Glow random
Easy Green semi solid
Birds of a Feather random (see below)
Blue Suede semi solid
Purple Fusion random

Section of Hitch hiker pattern (available from Ravelry) using Angoraglow 2 ply in "Birds of a Feather" colourway on 3.5 mm needles. See Ravelry for more images of this interesting pattern and under Mohairgirl's projects for this garment in particular.



>>>'Kool Kid' Fine Ultra Light Mohair with nylon binder - Boucle & Brushed. Our new yarn Float is also 70/30 kid mohair/nylon and replaces our Kool Kid brushed style. Processed in Italy this is a similar yarn to KK brushed but not quite as fine as KK, hence a small price reduction is possible for our new yarn. Float is now available in our ETSY shop or can be dyed to order. More new images coming soon

Kool Kid now SOLD out. New replacement yarn is Float (see below). Available in any of my hand dyed colours as usual.


Ideal for weddings and special occasion garments.



See Ravelry for a stunning wedding dress knitted in Kool Kid . (or search Yarns page for Lara Downs and then Projects)

Yarn for sale on ETSY

Left: Oval wrap design and knit by Jude Skeers (Aust).





Kool Kid Brushed (above) by each row L to R: Row 1-Maypole, Ring a Rosie, Seascape, Pinot; Row 2 - Melbourne, Hyacinth, Vista & Rock Art

Row 3 - Emerald Isle, Holly, Emerald Isle (repeat), Sizzle

Kool Kid Boucle - sample colourways below include from L to R Cottage Garden, Siena, Lush; 2nd row Regal, Fabio & Coober Pedy.



>>>>>Float kid mohair with nylon 70/30 blend. 440 mts/50 gram hanks. Available to order in any LD colourway.



>>>> Merino Blend yarns    


>>>>>SUPER SOFT SOCK YARN spun from EXTRA FINE MERINO with 15% NYLON - Machine washable

Our super soft sock yarn is spun from 16.5 micron merino making it the softest sock yarn ever. It provides a standard 400 mt/100 gram hank.

It also takes dye really well and will wear well too, given it's 15% nylon.

Select colourways from our Colour chart OR from one of our new Gradient dyed colourways.

Also see my new Sparkle Sock yarn in hank or sock blank form in our ETSY shop.

Gradient colourway in Pink/Blue (20 gms x 5) shown knitted up in Dreambird (by Andyknitter)
Gradient colourway in Blue_Green. Mini hanks 20 gms x 5




>>>>>> "Softy" Fine Merino with Cashmere 4 ply

Softy 4 ply yarn, offers the best of all worlds - softness, comfort and warmth. Gorgeous to knit/crochet with.


Hand dyed shades from left to right:

Mudbricks 283, Muddywaters 283A, Coober Pedy 278, Real Red 220, Stormy seas 58 & Melbourne 221. Softy is available natural or in any colour from our colour chart.





>>>>Pure Silk Yarns
These silk yarns are quite stunning and are spun from Mulberry silk (best quality pure white) These yarns absorb dye like no others and simply glow with stunning colour. A little goes a long way.These yarns can be dyed to order in any Lara Downs' colourway or purchased dyed & undyed from our ETSY shop.

Gloss smooth super fine Mulberry Silk Laceweight


Gloss pure silk in flower pattern edged on either side by KiSSS fine mohair/silk in garter stitch.

Gloss offers 500 mts/50 gram hanks

Dazzle smooth multi stranded laceweight yarn



Dazzle pure silk

offers 750 mts/100 gms but now also available in 50 gm hanks (375 mts). Click to enlarge image.







>>>> Pure Cashmere and Cashmere/Silk Yarns

sheer luxury cashmere and cashmere/silk blend yarns

Our pure Cashmere yarn is spun from 15 micron fibre making it one of the softest yarns available. Just superb. Our Cashmere/Silk blend (55/45 ) shares the soft handle of the cashmere with an added touch of lustre from the silk. A subtle and lovely yarn. Both pure Cashmere and the Cash/Silk blend are available in both 2 & 4ply weights.

Due to ongoing increases in price for cashmere, we have temporarily suspended our purchase of this product.




Image left is a close up of a crochet design by Wendy Knight in Lara Downs Cashmere/Silk 'Marakesh' colourway No. 40.

Cashmere_natural white

All cashmere and cash/silk yarns are available in any Lara Downs' shade or natural (white).

Cashmere/Silk 4 ply in "Blueberry" solid No 11.(above) and in Indigo below.


"Antarktis" in Cashmere/silk 2 ply. Pattern available from Ravelry.



>>> "Shine" Merino & Silk yarn blends - 2, and 4 ply

Featured above, two lace designs knitted in Shine 2 ply. Patterns from Designer Knitting magazine Spring /Summer 2016. Colourway: Ethereal.

All of the yarns featured here are 50% merino wool and 50% silk.

2 ply has 700 mts/100 gms. 4 ply has 350 mts/100 gms

The yarns have a lovely lustre and soft handle.

4 ply in "Seascape" No. 177

Above shades from top to bottom are : Real Red No.220, Romp'n Red No 219 in 4 ply & Rich Earth No. 44 in 2 ply

Note that 8 ply is now discontinued.

4 ply in "Provence" No.172






very cuddly, very soft, heart warming

Devil woman

Fine Merino, Kid Mohair & Silk 70/15/15
220 mts per 100 grams. Available in 100 or 50 grams



Hand dyed in any Lara Downs colourway or choose from those currently in my ETSY shop.



>>>>> "MAGIC" Rayon / Cotton Thick & Thin (light weight and cooling for Spring/Summer/Autumn wear


swatches in black Magic (above)

and below

in white

This is a gorgeous yarn with great texture. Best viewed in the swatch to show off the nobbly bits of rayon and cotton in the blend.

190 mts/100 gms.

Composition Rayon 71% Cotton 29%

Only available in Natural White, Black and Ocean (above)

We combined "Magic" (Ocean colourway) with our Silk "Glossy" yarn in a matching colourway to create this simple knitted top plus matching necklace.

Magic is shown in the lower bodice and the necklace.

>>>>> "COTTON BUBBLES Cotton/polyester boucle laceweight


Cotton Bubbles is a laceweight yarn offering 1000 mts/100 gms. Tiny cotton "bubbles" lie along a charcoal core, giving an interesting two tone effect.

Being laceweight, it's ideal for teaming with other yarns to add textural interest.

Available in 25 gm hanks

>>>>> "WOOLLY BUBBLES wool/nylon boucle laceweight

Woolly Bubbles is another laceweight yarn suitable for stranding with other yarns for interest & texture. It comes only in Sandy brown - ideal for teaming with light hues and naturals for Summer wear.


1,000 mts/100 gms

25 gm hanks






Our 100% Rayon Chenille is soft to handle & has a tape construction approx 2 mm wide.

Available in natural creamy white or black.

The yarn is quite firm without elasticity, so choose patterns accordingly.


50 gms $10

100 gms $19


apologies for the poor image. B & W images are rather tricky to photograph.




>>> Natural luxury yarns & fibres : what are they?

At Lara Downs we are passionate about natural fibres which really are some of the wonders of the natural world. Sourced from living creatures, animals and plants, they offer great comfort, wearability, versatility, tremendous warmth and drape as well as sheer beauty. Natural fibres can take on both vivid and subtle hues, as well as a variety of textures, but the character most important to us is "handle". Yarns and the fibres from which these yarns are made, must be soft handling. No-one wants to wear something that prickles or is scratchy to touch.

Lara Downs' own home grown mohair and merino products are guaranteed soft and comfortable to wear, as are the other natural fibre yarns offered for your enjoyment. Luxury to us means super soft handle in any colour or texture you like. The luxury tag also applies to natural fibres harvested from animals due to their scarcity (compared to the vast quantity of petrochemical based synthetic fibres). Fortunately animal & plant fibres are a renewable resource. With your support, these special fibres and yarns, which often support poor communities in third world countries, will continue to be available for many years to come.

>>>>A Note on Quality Control and about buying Mohair Yarn

Please refer to our statement on quality control and a note of caution about buying Mohair yarns, published on our Mohair page.

About our hand dyeing process : at Lara Downs we never stop experimenting with colour and ways to apply it to our products. We now have over 500 shades applicable to our yarn, tops, curls & silk fabric. We can afford to do this because we mainly dye to order.

Just go to our colourchart page where the brightest and best colourways are all set out in glorious colour to aid your selection. Then return to this page to see all the different yarns, how they look in various colourways and when knitted up. Our colourways are applicable for all Lara Downs yarns, top/sliver/laps, kiddy curls and lengths of silk tissue.

Most of our colourways are now displayed on our Colour chart page. However, if you spot a colourway elsewhere on this site or on our Facebook Page (where our new offerings make their debut) and not yet on our colour chart, you are welcome to order that shade, as long as it is designated as a Lara Downs colourway. All you need to do is to specify the name/number of your selection.

Dyeing to order : if you would like to have your yarn selection custom dyed, please supply something to match eg fabric, paper, , photo etc There is a small surcharge for this service.

Detailed yarn specifications (wraps per inch etc) are listed on our Specs page.

For more details about any of our yarns and fibre products, email us at mohairproducts@lara-downs.com.au

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>>>>Rainbow Threads are supplied in attractive retail packs in 10 yarns x 1 metre and 10 yarns by 2 metre lengths . See our price list for pricing details.

& Rainbow Twists. More colourful delights now in 10 mts x 4 = 40 metre twists. Great for embellishing - anything really !

Rainbow twists

Join them together as you knit for an amazing result.

An exciting range of mohair, wool, silk and synthetic yarn mixes in short lengths, have been blended especially for fibre artists, embroiderers and scrumblers. We can make up packs to meet your particular colour requirements . Please note that each pack will be unique in its mix of textures and colour selection while staying within the general colour theme you order. Please contact us to discuss your requirements if necessary.

Now also in 100 gm colour co-ordinated "Scrumblers" packs


also in small 50 gm packs from Lara Downs.

"Yarn Lollies" are mixed samples of exotic yarns from around the world. Packs contain a mix of fibres including wool, silk, mohair, angora, rayon, cotton plus various synthetics & metallics. Most yarns are natural fibres collected in our travels or sourced from Lara Downs stocks. A selection of Lolly packs are available for purchase from our Shopping page from time to time (Note that each pack is unique).

For more details about any of our yarns and fibre products, email me at pam@lara-downs.com.au

Our price list can be viewed here.

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