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Viewbank Yarra VBK 851 returned home from the Australian Buck trial (staged at Cudal NSW) in April 2011 after performing well against some excellent bucks. His statistics were recorded under his Trial number 116 (see Buck Sale page). Since his return he has filled out significantly and at October 2011 he is looking a lot like his Grand sire Mallee Park Ned who was a tall, well built buck with excellent conformation (see photo below).

Yarra was retained in our stud due to his outstanding fleece statistics including the lowest SD (3.3) and CV (15.6) of any of our stock ever - achieved on his 2nd fleece (mfd = 21.1). His most recent fleece (Jan 2011) measured 27.2 (mfd), 5.03 sd and 18.5 cv. (mid side); an excellent set of numbers, for his age.

His photo (right) taken in Oct 2011 shows clearly that he is still growing outstanding even & stylish fibre at two years of age - in fifth fleece. His rear view is as good as his front.



Some of our sires in self feeding mode !


Viewbank Sire Selection - an historical overview:

Viewbank Angoras has been using predominantly South African genetics since 1994 when they were first imported to Australia. We have found that these lines provide robust well conformed animals which thrive under ordinary paddock conditions. A small percentage of Texan genetics has been introduced more recently (via Phezulu Imbazzi & various AI sires) to add condition to our fibre as well as enhance its fineness. Through judicious selection of animals bred within our own herd and from other studs in Australia as well as taking advantage of recent importations, we aim to continue improving the quality of our herd, as we have done for the last 20 years.

Viewbank Angora Stud's breeding history

Our first imported genetics arrived from South Africa (via New Zealand) in the form of Diamond Fibre 2300.

While having been chosen virtually by lottery, 2300 proved to be both large framed and fine of fleece - an ideal and most fortuitous combination.

Our first cross kids of 1994 were a delight.


The kemp content seen in earlier Australian genetics disappeared almost over night.

Diamond Fibre 2300
3rd fleece 25.9 microns, 22.4 cv

Fleece weights virtually doubled. Since 1996 Viewbank has undertaken numerous AI and ET programs to access other superior sires.

In 1998, we purchased Vermont African Lancelot VAT 007 (of the Terraweena strain of South African genetics), enabling us to continue the momentum towards soft handling, well structured, kemp free fibre. Lancelot's performance as a sire has been assessed via a RIRDC funded national sire evaluation trial, through the measurement and assessment of his progeny at the trial site. His performance on many traits was superior and/or above average compared with the other sires evaluated. Full details can be viewed on the Mohair Australia Ltd web site.

We are very proud of Lancelot's performance in this first Australian Angora sire evaluation.

In more recent times, successive bucks from John and Janet Leigh's Phezulu & Topbok Studs, Topbok Sheldon and Phezulu Imbazzi have assisted in boosting fleece weights, increasing frame size and improving staple structure, while maintaining the well established Viewbank fineness. Top Bok Sheldon's 3rd fleece won a 1st place at the Australasian Show in 2000. He was otherwise unshown.

A part share in Phezulu Imbazzi ( share retained by his breeders) was purchased in 2003. He impressed us with his even fleece and his excellent balance of style and character, as well as his excellent frame and body size. The South African judge at the Australasian Show in 2003 agreed with this assessment by awarding him Reserve Champion buck. Imbazzi was the first buck with part Texan pedigree (25%), to be used extensively in the Viewbank herd.

Phezulu Imbazzi PHZ 1738 3rd Fleece 29.4 mfd, 19.8 cv.

4th Fleece 32.9mfd, 21.8cv, Fleece weight 6.5kgs,



Viewbank Concerto

Meanwhile, our home grown sire Viewbank Concerto VBK 234 had lived up to his sire's reputation and produced some superb kids. A mature buck from our 2000 drop by Vermont Lancelot out of VBK 670 (African Viewbank Stud doe), he was a big boy of gentle disposition and very fine fleece.

Concerto had excellent conformation, wonderful cover and a beautiful head.

mfd on 3rd fleece = 26.9u
mfd on 4th fleece = 29.9u

2006 Sires.  

Viewbank Paulo


Viewbank Sophos


Viewbank Paulo VBK 410 (far left in 3rd fleeece) and Viewbank Sophos VBK 419 (left) were our home grown sires used in 2006. Paulo was sired by Ancor Poco Bueno (below) a celebrated Australian sire with many progeny to his credit. Poco was used via an AI program at Viewbank.

Sophos is a particularly soft handling buck with a tall frame and upright stance. Sired by Yarran Park Socrates, his third fleece was nice and fine at 29.4 u, 21.3 cv.


click to enlarge

Paulo (sired by Ancor Poco Bueno shown above)) although stronger in micron than Sophos, has super style and very even dense fleece over his entire body. Combined with excellent point cover and a good solid square frame, he complements the breeding points offered by Sophos.

VIEWBANK Paulo VBK 410 (pictured at left in Oct 2006) was one of our leading sires used in the 2006 & 2007 breeding seasons.


During the 2006 breeding season, Viewbank also had access to the latest South African genetics provided by Mallee Park stud, in the form of Mallee Park Ned (right). Ned is particularly stylish and well grown. His soft handle and lustre is a delight.

Ned's kids are showing wonderfully even and stylish fleeces, as well as very rapid growth. (See note below about 2007 sires).

Ned's 4th fleece tested at 31.4 mfd, 6.3 sd, 20.2 cv


2007 Sires.
Mallee Park Ned FGN 4147
click for alternate view

Sires used in 2007 include Viewbank Impresario VBK 5014 (left) as well as Mallee Park Ned and Viewbank Paulo. In addition, a son of MP Ned, Viewbank Malleescrub VBK 5154 (below) was of sufficient size at just five months of age (35kgs) to be able to use him over Viewbank maiden does.

Impresario (left) was sired by Phezulu Imbazzi out of a Top Bok stud doe TPI 122.

2nd Fleece 29.4 mfd, 5.21 sd, 17.72 cv,

Fleece weight 3.4 kg.

Impresario was selected for his even stylish fleece, his square frame and his heavy cutting ability. He also has a lovely clean silky face and ears.


Our 2008 Sires are still shown on our Bucks for sale page, together with detailed statistics. Viewbank Peter used in 2008 is a son of Viewbank Paulo (by Ancor Poco Bueno). Viewbank Yarran is a son of Viewbank Sophos (by Yarran Park Socrates). Our other sire for 2008 (not shown) is Viewbank MalleeBull, a son of Mallee Park Ned. Three very different lines of breeding, but each offering excellent characteristics which will assist Viewbank in reaching its objectives.
Our main 2010 Sire was VBK 813 but we seem to have forgotten to take his photo before we on-sold him to another stud ! 813 was sired by Viewbank Peter our of our dam G 48.

2011 was the year for Viewbank 898 to do his thing and his kids are growing out nicely in a fantastic Spring. Sired by Viewbank Vermont out of Dam H20 he is well grown with fine stylish fleece.

His 2nd fleece tested 23.2 mfd, 4.14 sd & 17.84 CV

Third fleece (Jan 2011) 29.7 mfd, 5.72 sd & 19.3 cv.



Ned enlarged Ned enlarged
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Ned up close