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Warranty: All goods are inspected prior to sale and only dispatched if deemed to be in good order. In regard to mail orders, we will not substitute for any items out of stock and will make every effort to contact the person ordering the product to determine an acceptable alternative. If on opening, there is any fault in the product supplied , or if you are not completely happy with the product, it should be returned to Lara Downs with details of where it was purchased and it will be replaced with the same or similar product at our expense. Where we are unable to supply a pre-paid ordered product, then a cash refund will be offered.

The above warranty must be read in conjunction with our statement below regarding colour and the nature of hand dyed products.

A word about colours : All Lara Downs natural fibre products are hand dyed and as a consequence, the colour mix will vary with each dye lot. Colours cannot be matched exactly for this reason. Being hand dyed, there is also likely to be some colour variation in individual products, so that a truly solid colour is not possible using this method. We refer to semi-solid when referring to a single colour regime. With colours described as random dyed, this variation is deliberate. Colour variation is therefore to be expected and part of the unique character of hand dyed yarn.

Products are thoroughly rinsed after dyeing but colour fastness is not guaranteed. If colour run is likely to cause a problem in the work you are creating using our products, it is recommended that you rinse again in water with a small amount of white vinegar in the solution, to ensure that all dye residue is removed from the product before use. Blue/Aqua based dye shades are particularly prone to this problem and are not guaranteed colourfast, even by the dye manufacturer, so please take care when using products in this colourway.


Product care : Garments created using natural fibre products should be treated as delicate items and hand washed gently in warm water using any good quality wool detergent. [We recommend "Delicate Wash" in 500 ml containers available from Lara Downs for $12. Read more about this product on What's New web page]. Do not bleach. Warm rinse, gently squeeze dry but do not wring. Dry flat in shade after restoring the original shape. Machine washing or drying should not be used for these products. A cool iron is optional.

Note: All Lara Downs merino wool knitting yarns have been treated with Superwash to prevent pilling and will not readily felt. Most of our other yarns have not been treated (except where stated) and may felt. If you are unsure about the status of the yarn you ar buying, please ask.


Our Privacy Statement : All personal details received about our customers in the course of our business, including credit card details, will be maintained off line and will not be divulged to a third party, unless required to do so by law.

We will use your email address only for the purposes of promoting our own products or informing you of new developments or events of interest. You may ask to be removed from our mailing list at any time.


About Lara Downs : Lara Downs is home to approx 500 Angora goats including Lara, our lovely Angora Kid whose cherubic features enhance our mohair labels. She and all her relatives are members of the Viewbank Angora Goat stud. As well as producing lots of lovely kids each year, and fibre for Lara Downs products, the Angoras grow approximately 2 tonnes of fine mohair each year for the general textile industry. Lara Downs is also home to approx 1000 merino sheep and 2 alpacas. Lara Downs is a very old farming property not far from the modern township of Lara. It has been farmed for over 100 years.

Having farmed our merinos and angoras for more than 25 years for the wholesale fibre market, in 2003 we decided to develop our own natural products so that we could share directly with consumers, the special beauty and wonderful properties of these luxury fibres. We hope you enjoy our luxurious products which are unique and truly Australian.

Pam & David Goble


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