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What's New at Lara Downs

New for 2017: Dazzle - a luxury silk yarn & our best yet.
We also have more mohair yarns for 2017: Float, a basic workhorse yarn replacing our Kool Kid brushed yarn &
Moonlight - a brushed mohair yarn with a touch of silk with a golden twinkle from a metallic thread. (All available now in our ETSY shop- link above)

SilKiMo - of White wilderness, Eskimos and Fluffy white fibre (new stock has arrived)

SilKiMO is created from best quality kid mohair blended with silk. Yardage 420 mts/50 grams. Order in your favourite colourway.

See our Yarn page for more.

Lux Fibre Samplers

tasty treats for felters, spinners & embellishers

Link to our Fibre PageSmall 25 gm packs of mixed fibres (or quantity to order)

including merino, mohair, silk, alpaca and/or Yak in various forms & quantities. All one of a kind mixes but can be made up to suit a particular LD colourway.

Our superb luxury super mohair/silk yarn is just a KISSS away

Link to our knitting page

Kid Mohair Super soft, Super fine & with Silk.

order in any Lara Downs colourway$15.50/25 gram hank

New stock ready & waiting to dye for you

The Yak is a domesticated bovine found in central asia, the Himalayas and other demanding climatic zones. They grow a warm undercoat to help them survive the extreme cold and shed the fibre in the warmer months. Tibetan Yaks have always had their down harvested by the local people but is now being processed into top and yarns not only for the local market but now also for export. We are lucky enough to have some Yak top for the first time and it is a lovely soft and lofty fibre. Why not try a little in your next spin up or felting project. A lovely melange of greys and browns.

(Sold out)


Megan's Glamour Mohair Wraps

these glorious mohair curl wraps were offered for sale several years ago, but ran out quickly. We are lucky to have a new supply of these fabulous knitted wraps - yes no skin involved and completely renewable and environmentally friendly. These come in a variety of shades or even dyed to your special order. Small & large sizes and super warm. The jacket supporting this wrap has been knitted in our 4 ply Angoraglow in our popular "Winter in Fitzroy" colourway. The pattern is available for sale and yarn can be ordered in your chosen colourway to match your Wrap.




Older Entries below:


Femme Fatale is an original design by Kathy McLaughlan from New Zealand. Kathy won a prestigious award for her design in 2010. This version, commissioned by Yarn Magazine, is knitted in Lara Downs' 2 ply Angoraglow pure mohair yarn. The full pattern is published in the latest issue (Winter 2011) of Yarn magazine (Issue 22 Vol 11).


We would like to thank the girls at Yarn magazine for this feature and acknowledge Yarn as the source of these photos.


The Yarra Harvest Jacket featured on the front cover of YARN magazine in the Autumn issue for 2011 (Issue 21 Vol 11) with the pattern carried inside.

This gorgeous jacket has been designed by Melbourne designer Jenny Pakula and uses Lara Downs' 4 ply Angoraglow Fine Kid Mohair. To quote YARN, "this is mohair as you've never seen it before - smooth, glossy and with the lightest halo".

Orders can be placed for any Lara Downs colourway to use with this pattern .

These are three terrific new products for the fibre artist. Fibre Scour is a very effective detergent for washing greasy wool, mohair and other natural fibres. Delicate Wash is the perfect choice for washing delicate hand made items made from natural fibres.The Felting Finish is a fabulous new idea for a final wash for your felted garment which also builds in moth repellent natural ingredients. All are very effective in their specific tasks and are all natural safe ingredients. Best of all - they're designed and made in Australia.

Now available by mail order. $10 /500 mls.



7Fibre Scour 777 Delicates Wash777 Felting Finish


Silk Hankies (image left)

We have been selling silk hankies for ages. These sell in 4 gm or 10 gm packs. Mixed colours or by named LD shade. Now lots more colourways pictured on our new FIBRES page. Pre-felt Hankies are now discontinued




There's nothing more lovely than the old fashioned Feather & Fan pattern, which lends itself so well to a baby wrap. This wrap was commissioned by a client of Lara Downs' for her impending first grandchild. It used 200 gms of our super soft 2 ply "Angoraglow" fine kid mohair in a special one off shade combining soft blues and pinks. We know she will be happy with the result.

This baby wrap can be ordered in natural or other Lara Downs shade (maybe something soft from our embroidery thread range). Yarn only $28 per 100 gms or hand knitted to order $250.00


The Möbius WrapThese fabulous wraps were designed and knitted by Jude Skeers, a well known Australian Knitwear designer.

Knitted in one piece and with only one side, it is a magical piece of knitting !Shown in Lara Downs 4 ply Angoraglow combined with a super fine boucle mohair (far left) and the fine boucle alone. These are knitted to order in any of Lara Downs' colour range for just $195.00.

The felted flowers by Wendy are also for sale for $9.50 each

Felted Neck Hugger

featuring Mohair & Merino blend top with mohair curls to embellish. Order both fibres in the same colourway.


This gorgeous lacey top has been adapted from a pattern by Vogue Knitting to display the adaptability of mohair to Summer weight garments. The original yarns have been substituted using Lara Downs 2 ply fine kid mohair and a pure silk 2 ply yarn also supplied by Lara Downs.

Acknowledgement to Vogue Knitting's Knit 1,Spring 2007 Pattern 25 "Lace Tank"

(Vogue patterns can be purchased on line at http://store.vogueknitting.com)

Special thanks to my wonderful knitter Sue.

Lace weight 2 ply Angoraglow Kid Mohair and Silk yarn (S1) available in any Lara Downs colourway


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